Holly Grisman

Studying Games Art and DesignNorwich University of the Arts

About Me

Im 20 years old studying Games Art and Design at NUA in Norwich.

I am a first year student currently doing a Year 0 course, having transferred from Graphic Design, with the hopes of completing all 4 of my years in Games

My Qualifications

I had personal issues during my GCSE's so I do not have any. I instead have functional skills qualifications I achieved at college

Level 3 Subsidary Diploma in Information Computing
Level 1 & 2 Certificate in Information Computing
Level 2 Functional Skills in English
Level 2 Functional Skills in Maths

University Work

Games Work


Mushroom Labyrinth

We weren't really taught anything on how to do this, rather just told to watch tutorials on how to use a game engine (college told us unity), so instead as I wasn't being taught directly how to do anything, I opted to use construct as i thought this would be a simpler way to create my game in the image that i had for it

My game is based in a forest, with a dog collecting mushrooms while avoiding bears that chase you.
I had a lot of fun making this game although I didnt make the graphics myself as the project was to create a functioning game rather than the designs for it

Various Screens

Event Sheets

These event sheets are really simple because there's not much that has to go into menus, especially when 2 of them are duplicates of each other with only having a slightly different line of text, therefore requiring only one sheet to work between the two of them

Maze - Easy

The smaller maze is of course the easy one, with only one bear and 5 mushrooms for the player to collect.
You cant walk through the trees and the pink square is a safezone that the bear cannot walk through

The way i designed the health to go down was very scuffed, as i wasn't taught anything about how to do this, i did it in a very awkward way. I had the health image as a gif that was paused, and every time a bear hit you it would play for half a second, to move to the next frame of the gif.
I did the same for the mushroom counter on both the hard and easy levels

The bear's animations also never seemed to work properly, with them not using the idle animations at all and the walking ones playing at the wrong times. Sometimes they'd also be able to see you through the collision of the trees as i made their collision to their exact shape rather than a rectangle. This also means that you get stuck on the quite frequently.

Maze - Hard

The harder level is significantly more difficult, with a level easily 4 times the size and 9 bears to avoid, its designed to be a lot more difficult. Theres also 20 whole mushrooms to collect, and with the camera size being small, its hard to plan out routes that'll keep you safe

The hard level really shows how badly i did the collisions, as you get stuck on most corners and some of the width's of the paths we're different sizes making them look inconsistent with each other.

Event Sheets for Levels

Most of these are the same for both the easy and hard levels, except from small changes like where bears pathfind to using the coordinates etc, so I didnt include them twice here.
The main changes between these are the mushrooms and the counter

Overall i did really enjoy the project, especially as this was my first attempt at creating a game of any sort. This was one of the only units in my 3rd year of college that i actually enjoyed, and earned myself a distinction on.
This helped me realise that i enjoyed game design a lot, with having the most fun with this with creating the level design.
As my first ever game project, im quite proud of it and feel that I did good work, especially as I had 0 help from tutors whatsoever.

Graphics Work


Doing Project

Our task with this project was to research and create a piece of art relating to a specific or multiple verbs from a given list.

Doing Project - Final Product

Doing Project - Research

Social media graphics work based around a company called "Sheppey Graphics". I had to create all of their social media images such as profile picture and banner, as well as a variety of posts to advertise different products and events

Work for a company called "Go electric". There were various requirements while creating this work, for example the logo needed to be green, while also including the initials for the company name. The poster, needed to advertise for their grand opening with all of their contact information provided

I had to create a few pieces of work for another vehicle company called Eagle Cars, follwing multiple requirements in this just as I did for "Go Electric"

Each year at college, I had to do something for a part of our local community. One year this was designing a logo for a railway line, the "Kent Downs Line" as a competition. Unfortunately I did not win, but I have included my work as I believe it looks very professional.
For another year, I had to create a promotional poster discussing the danger of trains, as if it was a real poster that could be seen at the railway stations. I included images directly from the British transport police website

Informational Posters

Image Editing and Manipulation

This is the first instance of graphic design that I really got stuck into. I completed this in my spare time at college following a tutorial.Overall im really impressed with how hard i worked on it and how great it turned out. It look me quite some time as this image is what helped me learn how to use photoshop effectively.I also ended up hand drawing the whiskers on the cat myself as they were cropped out during the masking process.

This is a typography task where I had to think of words to describe the animal of my choosing. In this case I chose a wolf, and researched words that relate to it.